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You’ll find a lot of recently uploaded material when you click on “Work Samples II” above.

And, as always, consider me open for business!


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Please click on the third tab at the top of the page. You’ll find links to several work samples, and you’re always welcome to email me at scottfogdall@gmail.com for more.

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Welcome, 2014!

A new year, new opportunities, new avenues of learning and adventure… so let’s begin! Contact me at scottfogdall@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about writing and media content.

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Welcome 2012!

Here’s something people forget: a written message can get lost.

I’m not talking about losing a piece of paper in the laundry. I’m talking about losing a grip on the story you’re trying to tell. All too easily it becomes overblown, over-inflated, eventually floating out of sight — or worse, exploding. In either case you wonder what happened and what you should have done differently.

Other forces can totally eclipse a story. With the visual side of media technology growing ever more complex, the wordsmith’s contributions often get lost in the shuffle.

I find the story and I tell it — whether the task is promotional copy, a script, or a review. My background combines writing, visual art, and film and video production — so I understand the needs of producers, designers, creative directors, and editors. I know that words and pictures have to work together, and I’m not satisfied until the project manager is.

Would you like more information about me and my work? Feel free to visit the other pages of this site. For a complete resume, professional references, or a PDF version of my writing samples, please email me at scottfogdall@gmail.com.  And please check back here regularly for updates, as my activities continue to expand. Thanks.

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